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Wealth Planning

Providing financial clarity to our clients

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Our wealth planning services help clients piece together their financial puzzle to form the lifestyle picture they envision. We combine our experience and expertise with the latest financial tools to provide our clients clarity in all areas of their financial life.

Providing Our Clients Financial Clarity


We work with business owners regarding opportunities, challenges, expectations and responsibilities associated with life as a business owner as well as after the sale of the business, or retirement.


Many individuals overlook the need to maintain proper cash allocation by budgeting cash needs against cash flows. We work with you to plan for necessary cash outlays, to have funds available to reinvest or available liquidity for unexpected situations.


Our family enterprise services are designed to strengthen both the family business and the business of the family. For many, the family business is, and often remains, the economic engine that fuels the financial security of many generations.

Our Wealth Planning Process - Your Path to Prosperity

Identify goals and organize information
Conduct financial check-up and gap analysis
Experience + expertise = sound advice and actionable strategies
Put strategies into action
Make adjustments as life changes
The process we follow is simple by design, but the solutions we develop for our clients solve for some of the most complex financial challenges faced by entrepreneurs, executives, legacy families, and foundations.
Daniel Fan , Director of Wealth Planning
First Foundation Advisors

More than Protecting and Preserving Wealth

Education and Resources

Empowering our clients to have the financial resources when they need it.

Client Portal

Aggregate your financial information in one convenient and secure location, allowing you to obtain an updated snapshot of your finances - anytime, anywhere.

Online Vault

Store your most important financial documents in a readily accessible, secure online location.
Wealth planning computer screen
Wealth Planning

Leveraging leading edge technology to personalize the experience

We believe that the wealth planning experience should be driven by qualified professionals, not algorithms; yet we will still look to leverage technology to optimize the experience – and ultimately the outcomes – for our clients.

Investment management activity on tablet
Investment Management

Wealth planning and investments go together

At first Foundation, we understand that successful wealth planning requires access to a robust set of investment solutions.

Our Expertise

Insights on Managing Your Wealth

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Louis Abel, CFA®, CAIA

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